Our Organization

LunaNova is a brand of Cube3 Technologies Ltd. Its aim is to provide end-users with access to premium node and validator services for select blockchain networks, in order to receive competitive levels of staking rewards for the tokens they own. It does this by utilizing the class-leading infrastructure Cube3 has developed.

Cube3 Technologies Ltd is an established UK-based technology company working with a number of leading edge blockchains, with a focus on development, running testing environments, and operating main nodes on dedicated hardware. Hardware, designed, specified and built to meet specific requirements that span reliability, efficiency, i/o latency, data storage and processing performance. (Our Technical Approach page goes into more detail about our general architecture.)

Our key personnel have several decades of experience across a broad range of sectors, including engineering, logistics, commerce and computer science. Blockchain and decentralized ledger technology caught our eye in 2016, as we are passionate about the positive change it can have on society by progressing decentralization and handing control back to the individual. In 2018 we took the bold step of forming Cube3 to put our technical skills to use in furthering the development and adoption of this ground breaking technology.

Blockchain is not just about the technology. It requires effective decentralized Govenance to enable leadership and decision-making, that is capable of steering projects through difficult and ever-changing environments. Cube 3 are actively involved in this challenging arena, thus ensuring we have our “finger on the pulse” in this ecosystem.