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We’re on a mission to provide developers, projects and token-holders with access to premium node and validator services. In addition we provide investment, advisory and support services to new and established teams working in this area.

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    frequently asked questions

    You do not need to send any funds to LunaNova to use our services. We do not take custody of your tokens at all. No one from LunaNova will ever ask you to send funds or provide us with sensitive information, such as your seed phrase. If you ever receive such a request do not respond and instead contact us directly via the form on this website.

    We are always interested in participating in the right networks, ones that truly make a difference with genuine real world application and ones to which in turn we can usefully and significantly contribute. So if you have any suggestions or you are involved in a new network please reach out to us. We can provide robust infrastructure including validator, RPC and archive nodes. Our involvement in numerous early stage networks has also enabled us to amass a significant amount of sector-specific experience and knowledge. We are therefore well positioned to provide consultancy and advisory services that can really make a difference to both new and established projects.

    It is always worth double-checking that you have enough spare tokens in a wallet to cover network fees for staking/delegating. If this is not the cause of your issue and the relevant network section on our website does not contain enough information to guide you, please reach out to us via our contact form, we are more than happy to help!