We have worked closely with Axelar since their early testnet stages, both as a professional validator and in an advisory capacity to help them grow their network. We were one of the first validators to go live on mainnet, supporting all external chains at launch. Returns on Axelar depend on how many external chains a validator works with and how well maintained their internal infrastructure is.
Why stake with lunanova?

We have worked with Axelar since its early testnet phases and were one of the first
validators to go live on mainnet.


Utilizing enterprise-grade hardware located across 2 independent high-availability UK datacentres we are able to offer a high-performance and robust service to the network. We self-host multiple high-performance RPC nodes for each external chain we support, helping decentralize the network and provide better returns for delegators


10% of LunaNova’s Axelar Validation profits are donated to medical charities.


Axelar is different to many other networks because it uses slashing, where stake is forfeited if a validator does not vote correctly. This means a strongly performing validator with a higher commission rate can return more rewards to a delegator than a poorly performing validator with a low commission rate.

At LunaNova we set our long-term commission rate at 9.4%, we won’t ever set unrealistically low commission rates to “lure in” delegators. This commission allows us to perform at the highest level, maximising rewards for those who delegate to us.

How to stake with LunaNova

To find out how to stake your AXL tokens see our staking guide.

The address of our Axelar validator is:

If you have any questions or need assistance staking your tokens with us, please reach out via the contact form on this website, we’d be happy to help.

about AXELAR

Multiple blockchain ecosystems provide unique and distinct features however, communication across the ecosystems is very sparse and fragmented. Axelar is a decentralized interoperability network connecting all blockchains, assets and apps through a universal set of protocols and APIs.

  • A decentralized open network of validators, protocols, tools, and APIs that allow simple cross-chain communication
  • Enables applications to communicate across blockchain ecosystems frictionlessly
  • Cross-border routing and transfer protocols
  • Byzantine consensus, cryptography, and incentive mechanisms, designed to achieve high safety and liveness requirements uniquely needed for cross-chain requests
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